BWIPM 2016

The 2nd Brazilian Workshop on Interior Point Methods took place at the University of Campinas (Unicamp) on 17-18/May, 2016. The purpose of the workshop is to offer a nice environment for researchers and students to show their recent developments on subjects regarding Interior Point Methods and Applications. The participants are encouraged to present a contributed talk about their research and recent results. Invited plenary speakers will talk about important developments in the area.

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The first version of the workshop was in 2015. This was a success and all its information can be found at the address


  • Recent theoretical developments of IPM;
  • Applications of IPM;
  • Softwares and implementations;

Organizing comitee 

  • Aurélio Oliveira (IMECC, UNICAMP)
  • Carla Taviane Lucke da Silva Ghidini (FCA, UNICAMP)
  • Christiano Lyra Filho (FEEC, UNICAMP)
  • Daniela Renata Cantane (IBB, UNESP)
  • Danilo Oliveira (UFU)
  • Jair da Silva (UFPR)
  • Lino Marcos Silva (UNIVASF)
  • Luciana Casacio (UTFPR)
  • Marta Ines Velazco Fontova (FACCAMP)
  • Mayk Vieira Coelho (ICT, UNIFAL)
  • Pedro Munari (DEP, UFSCar)
  • Silvia Maria Simões de Carvalho (UFSCar - Campus Sorocaba)